Modern Advertising

The world is a funny place. The majority of the time, whether we’d like to admit it or not, we mostly only focus on what we pose to gain from a situation. Now, this isn’t going to be a rant against capitalism. Nor will it be some passionate speech about the evils of advertising. This is simply an observation.  While I do think capitalism breeds some serious issues, and advertising can be deceitful and dangerous (watch pretty much any ad for prescription medications), I understand these are established pillars in the modern world. My current issue with modern advertising however, is how lazy it has become.

I think most people that get into advertising fall into two categories: artists and bullshitters. The people that truly excel in the field probably find the perfect blending of the two. It makes sense these two types of people would be drawn to advertising as the whole point is to push the product in a creative and memorable way. Emphasis on “push the product” of course. But shouldn’t we strive for more art than bullshit in our ads?

There’s a reason streaming services are beginning to overtake standard television. There’s a reason ad-blockers are used by most tech-savvy people. Ads are annoying. They’re an inconvenient distraction we all try to avoid whenever possible. Hell, the only time we really seem to pay attention to them is during the Superbowl. I understand they’re not always designed to be enjoyed. They’re designed to stick in our brain. To etch a little spot in our subconscious. To burn brand recognition into our everyday thoughts. So the next time you’re hungry you crave a familiar name. Familiar is comfortable. You’ll grab McDonalds and order a coke because those are the brands you know. Those are the brands you see everywhere every single day.

I wish I had a solution to any of my problems with advertising, but I don’t. I don’t think there is one. I don’t think there is a meaningful way to connect with a viewer and still sell something. Simply put: the sale matters more than the customer. Anyone who argues that point probably isn’t a very good salesperson. That’s not to say that the customer doesn’t matter; they just don’t matter as much as the sale. That’s how business works, and I’m not saying we strive to change the essence of business. All I’m saying is it’d be nice to have a little more honesty and a little less deceit. A little more creativity and a little less laziness. A little more art and a little less bullshit.

Killing and eating sentient poptarts… and their children

Arnold in disguise for commercial

Native Americans make terrible commercials and have terrible shows. They rap poorly.


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