I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care what you believe. I don’t care if you disagree with me. You’re allowed to disagree with me. That is one of the incredible liberties that we are afforded living in this country. Yes, I am saddened by the result of this election. I am much sadder by our reaction to it. This election has shone, and continues to shine, a light on a deeply-rooted ugly part of our country: Ignorance. This isn’t about republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals, whites and minorities, or even changing the establishment. While I do think there are huge flaws with our political system, our race relations, and our country as a whole, my greatest concern is our celebration of ignorance.
We fear what we do not understand, and, to quote someone much wiser than myself:
“…Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”
We tend to insulate ourselves with people and things we find agreeable; I’m no exception. Unfortunately, we also tend to react negatively to things outside of our little “bubble”. Which is a shame. Life is too short to spend it hateful and oblivious. I understand I’ve digressed a bit, but the point I’m trying to make is this: If we all spend our lives blindly embracing our convictions and hating our oppositions this country will continue to fail.
The world didn’t end. The country is still here. OUR country is still here. You’re still here. WE are still here. No one man, no matter how much you disagree with him, can change that.
For those of you still with me after the Yoda quote I say this: It’s okay to be upset, but it’s also okay to be happy. It’s okay to be pissed off and scared. It’s okay to be thrilled and excited. It’s okay to joke and laugh. God knows I am. What’s not okay is hating the other side. Hating only serves to create more ignorance. Hating only creates more hate. Hating is easy. You know what’s hard? Creating. Educating. Loving. But man, are those so much more fucking exciting. Those are what will change this country.
There is no “Us-vs.-Them”. There’s just us, and what’s most important right now is that we love our country. Love one-another. Be good. Be kind. Be the change you want in your life. Be confident we can change this country… eventually. Pessimism does nothing but create more negativity and hate. Show that we’re better than this. I love this country and you should too; let’s act like it.
I know, I know. I’m a privileged white man ranting about things everyone already knows. But if someone reads this and feels a little more optimistic and open-minded then I’d be happy. I appreciate those of you that read this even if we support different candidates, hold different beliefs, or simply disagree, and I’ll leave you with this:
“We’re all in this together.”
-High School Musical


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